ford serviceman working on car

83-Point Inspection

Every time you come in for service, a Ford-Trained Technician will check every hose, belt, fluid and important component there is. If something isn't performing the way it should on your vehicle, your Ford Expert will spot what other garages might not.
ford serviceman showing clients car report card

Vehicle Report Card

Every time you come in for service, you'll also get a vehicle Report Card explained to you one-by-one by a Ford Advisor so you know exactly what's going on with your Ford.
ford serviceman working under an f-150

Diesel Works

Drive a diesel? Then you need The Diesel Works58 . It’s our complete maintenance service that includes an up to 87-point inspection performed by a Ford-Trained Technician, and a comprehensive Vehicle Report Card. Then you can be sure that every inch of your Ford has been checked out and is running right.