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Ford Mustang 2024: Turn Up the Sound with the Remote Control



When it comes to a car like the Ford Mustang, it's the gadgets and details that make all the difference. Well, it seems that the American manufacturer has found a way to make its muscular sports car even more fun because it is now possible to make the engine roar using the car's remote control (key).


I know, at first glance, it seems totally useless and even ridiculous. Nevertheless, if you have ever owned a sports car, you have surely dreamed of being able to hear it from the outside. Of course, this function should be used with a certain sense of logic and, above all, with respect. Performing a demonstration in an appropriate place like a car event or in a public location for a few seconds should not have any consequences. However, if you make it a habit at home, I clearly cannot guarantee the satisfaction of your neighbors.


Reliving Childhood


As if it wasn't already easy enough to get carried away, Ford informs us that there are several configurations to its new system. The first step is to start your vehicle using the remote control by pressing the lock button once and the remote start button twice. Once that's done, you just have to press "unlock" and "lock." The engine can then roar between 3,000 and 5,000 RPM, which is more than enough to disturb a neighborhood.


The Car and the Key


I find it interesting that Ford is offering a new technology that allows us to appreciate the physical contact of a key. It's the kind of feature that could easily be found directly on a phone, but it's clear that the experience wouldn't be the same. This actually leads me to reflect on the possibility that car keys may disappear one day. Well, that's already the case for some brands like Tesla, which offers cards similar to your bank card instead of a traditional key. Even on Ford's side, it's possible to perform a whole range of maneuvers using your phone. You can lock and unlock the vehicle, as well as start it, thanks to the FordPass mobile app. I have had the opportunity to try it out many times, and unfortunately, I have to admit that it's very enjoyable and especially convenient to be able to perform all kinds of actions from your phone. So, even though I am old school and the key will always be part of the concept of a car in my eyes, I dare to believe that this "technology" will one day become obsolete.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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